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Alphabet's Mobility Consulting Tool

Optimise your fleet with our Mobility Consulting Tool.

What is the Mobility Consulting Tool?

The Mobility Consulting Tool is a highly flexible tool designed by Alphabet to optimise the usage of fleets.

With this holistic tool Alphabet analyses real vehicle data to provide fleet managers with a number of recommendations for reducing fuel consumption and emissions, electrifying a fleet, saving money on parking and initiating CarSharing.

If you want to reduce CO2 emissions, increase the number of electric cars you use and build a sustainable concept for future mobility, our bespoke Mobility Consulting Tool and expertise will help you realise your goals.


A bespoke service

Our portfolio of clients who have benefitted from using the Mobility Consulting Tool, includes companies from a wide range of different industries – from leading accounting, consultancy, transportation and pharmaceutical firms, to banks and public administrations.

Each of our clients has unique needs and requirements for their fleets of vehicles. With our Mobility Consulting Tool, each receives a holistic analysis of their fleet’s current usage and with that, we build a new more efficient mobility concept with them.

Find out your fleet’s electrification potential

With usage patterns for your fleet, which show what kinds of trips are made on a regular basis, how far these trips are and common destinations, we can work out the potential for electrification for your fleet.

Once we have established the Points of Interest and we know where and for how long vehicles are being parked, we can support you in setting up charging infrastructure in these places and modifying the existing charging supply according to how many vehicles can be expected to need charging at any one time.

MCT Screenshot – Charging locations and types of socket
MCT Screenshot – Charging locations and types of socket

Discover the potential for CarSharing

With in-depth data for all of your vehicles and specific mobility spots, we can highlight the potential for CarSharing amongst your employees. We can show you which vehicles could be shared and at which spots they could be left to charge and be picked up by other employees most conveniently.

MCT Screenshot – Amount of time vehicles spend at a specific mobility spot
MCT Screenshot – Amount of time vehicles spend at a specific mobility spot

Save money on parking

With the Mobility Consulting Tool, we identify where and for how long specific vehicles are parked for. With this data we can work with you to establish ways to save money on parking costs, by identifying other car parks, using vehicles for CarSharing or introducing electric vehicles.

MCT Screenshot – Parking zones in Milan
MCT Screenshot – Parking zones in Milan

Benefit from EV, PHEV and add-on packages

With the Mobility Consulting Tool we can assist you in selecting vehicles to find perfectly fitting fleet vehicles according to your usage patterns to save both fuel and CO2 emissions.

We can also work out combinations of different types of engines and add on rental packages to fit your company’s needs.

MCT Screenshot – replacement options
MCT Screenshot – replacement options

For example, here the fleet vehicle is suitable to be replaced by the proposed first electric alternative. Also the second replacement option could be considered even though not all trips can be electrically covered by effectively adding rental packages to your fleet, supporting your vehicle choice and saving money and CO2 at the same time.

In a nutshell ...

Fact based cost optimisation for fleet managers towards fleet electrification

The Mobility Consulting Tool uses data from GPS loggers to analyse your fleet journey profiles. You see the effect of replacing petrol-engine vehicles in your fleet with electric vehicles at a glance.

Plus, we can simulate different scenarios for fleet electrification for you. With our tool we calculate the optimum charging infrastructure needed, proposing the right fitting electric or hybrid alternatives to your fleet, so you can make the right investment decision.

Sustainability for your company with Mobility Consulting Tool

With the data analysis, different scenarios can be created to provide you with insight into your fleet, driving patterns, opportunities to integrate electric or hybrid vehicles and transition to a more ecological mobility policy. With Alphabet’s holistic approach, we can provide valuable recommendations on how to lower your CO2 emissions, maximise the usage of your vehicles and create sustainable mobility plans for the future.

Moving to a holistic approach in Total Costs of Mobility simulations

Reducing the times that vehicles are left idle can save mobility costs and open up the possibility to add CarSharing vehicles to your fleet. Besides reducing your carbon footprint, electric vehicles can help to reduce running costs and save money on parking whilst also taking beneficial regulations for EVs into account.