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At Alphabet, we know how important it is for large corporate customers as well as for small & medium enterprises to have their business running with no downtime. With our Light Commercial Vehicle or LCV offering, we make sure that your fleet is always on the road.

Our business is built on many years of fully utilising the knowledge of our in-house experts and, therefore, providing the best solutions to our customers, based on specific criteria.

While many vehicle-leasing companies claim to be able to meet your business’ specific needs, few can match the track record and experience we have. We understand your funding, operational and general fleet management requirements. Our 360° approach around LCV offering includes all aspects from LCV funding options and conversion to vehicle delivery and servicing.

No matter what size of the fleet you need – we will deliver the best solution to you
Small and medium enterprises

Operating a delivery company, e-commerce shop, or …?

We know exactly what you need!

The up-front cost to purchase commercial vehicles and to install the required equipment inside of them is excessively high. With the operational lease from Alphabet, you can easily fund your LCVs without substantial investment.

With fleet management services, which are part of leasing contract, you can be sure that your commercial vehicles will be always ready to go. 

Moreover, at Alphabet, we can provide you with standard LCVs as well as with fully converted, specifically for your business needs, commercial vehicles.

Corporate customers

Need flexibility and fully converted LCVs?

Experience counts: whatever your requirements are, our flexible, comprehensive approach will deliver a solution, tailor-made for your needs, which will be implemented by our specialist teams in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

With us:

  • your commercial vehicles will always be ready to go
  • you will forget about hassle of fleet management
  • you can integrate advanced mobility solutions like flexible rental, Corporate CarSharing or eLCVs into your fleet

In 4 steps Alphabet will get you to your new commercial vehicle

1.  Analysis

At Alphabet we analyse your needs and provide you with the best funding or rental solution, vehicle specification, preparation, maintenance and disposal.

2. Vehicle conversion

Working closely with our partner conversion companies, we will deliver even the most complex fleet mix on time and to the right specifications. We can also brand it with your company’s livery.

3. Vehicle delivery

Once you chose the right LCV fleet and once our partner conversion companies have converted and branded it for you, Alphabet will deliver your commercial vehicles to your needed facilities.

4. Servicing

Our service for you is not finished yet: after we delivered the vehicle to you, Alphabet will take care of maintenance & repair of your LCV fleet.

Funding solutions

If you operate commercial vehicles, it is especially important to match the vehicles funding to its operating patterns and the nature of your business. We will tailor the optimum finance solution for you, based on our long-term expertise and our comprehensive range of flexible funding options. We offer two different options for funding your commercial fleet.

Operating Lease

With the operational lease we will provide you with new commercial vehicles converted for your specific needs with a simple monthly fee and no residual risk liability. Read more on Operating Lease >

Financial Lease

With Financial Lease, we purchase commercial vehicles for you, which you lease at a fixed monthly rate, while at the end of contract period you have an opportunity to purchase those. Read more on Financial Lease >

Your LCV benefits at Alphabet

Advanced mobility solutions for your LCV fleet

As one of the leading business mobility providers, we offer innovative mobility solutions for your LCV fleet – AlphaCity, AlphaElectric and AlphaRent.