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Flexible rental solutions

We believe in flexibility and mobility at all times. That’s why Alphabet offers tailor-made rental solutions for short- and long-term demands. Whenever you need a vehicle – for a day, a month or longer – AlphaRent provides a wide range of business cars, estate cars, electric cars or even commercial vehicles from your trusted mobility expert.

As the labour market becomes more flexible, the future of mobility is changing. If you as an employer want to meet the mobility needs of your staff but prefer not to be tied to long-term lease contracts, AlphaRent is the solution for you.

AlphaRent solves mobility issues
in everyday situations such as...

Probation period

You hired a professional with a probation period and do not wish to sign a long-term leasing contract.

Replacement vehicle

A car of your employee has to be brought to the workshop. Thanks to Alphabet your employee can stay mobile over the repair period.

Consulting project

Consultant is currently supporting your company within a project over the next 4 weeks.

In case of a temporary need for LCVs, AlphaRent provides a flexible mobility solution for the exact period of time necessary.

Electric vehicles seem to be fitting for your fleet, but you would prefer to test them on a daily routine, before signing a long-term leasing contract? No problem! Use AlphaRent for a short-term discovery period.

Satisfied customers are the foundation for our success, so we do everything we can to build on and maintain our high level of service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is shown through the attitude, knowledge and personal service of our dedicated staff. We understand your needs and help you to get going as quickly and efficiently as possible. We do not believe in heaps of administration but are committed to ensuring simple processes and saving you time. To this end, our processes are streamlined and tailored to your needs.

Flexible to your needs

AlphaRent is suitable for big companies and their needs as well as for SMEs.

Trusted mobility expert

+20 years of expertise allow us to always find the best fitting mobility solution for you.

One single provider

Alphabet is a single provider for leasing and rental solutions as well as all related services.

Wide selection of multi-make vehicles

Let it be small cars, electric vehicles or LCVs, we can always provide you with your desired vehicles.