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A strong national and international profile

Alphabet meets your vehicle fleet needs with a professional and cost-efficient approach. The company, which was established in 1997, is a global provider of business mobility solutions for company cars of all brands. Alphabet manages over 700,000 passenger and commercial vehicles. The company-car provider is active in 28 different European countries, as well as Australia and China, and has been in Switzerland since 1999.

Flexible finance solutions

As one of the most well-known finance partners for company cars, Alphabet offers innovative and individual mobility solutions and well-developed products in the areas of fleet financing and management. Not only large enterprises are able to benefit from the attractive options of fleet financing – companies with fewer than ten vehicles can choose between a selection of straightforward and transparent leasing offers for carefree and time-saving management of their company fleet.

Customised fleet solutions

Customers with larger vehicle fleets can enjoy comprehensive services tailored to meet their needs. Whether for a white fleet or a colourful user-chooser one – with Alphabet you can customise the service packages to meet the precise needs of your drivers, and determine the scope and individual elements of full-service leasing.

All vehicles, all models

As a subsidiary of the BMW Group, Alphabet meets the highest quality standards while remaining completely brand neutral. Thanks to the wide range of different vehicle makes and models it offers, Alphabet is able to provide you with just the right company car for you.


Fleet management

Alphabet helps you to save time and money with its modern fleet management services, taking responsibility and managing your vehicle fleet in a professional manner. You are able to keep an eye on your costs at all times, and benefit from a range of different advantages:

Alphabet’s first-class maintenance and repair service ensures that worn tyres on your company cars are replaced by qualified partners. Tyre changes in summer or winter are also included, as is the storage of your tyres if required. Your administrative work is reduced further thanks to modern fuel management – you receive clear and straightforward invoicing for all vehicles, and your drivers benefit from fast and cashless payment at the petrol station. The insurance solutions offered by Alphabet provide the drivers of your company fleet with the best protection at attractive terms and conditions. In the event of loss or damage, the Alphabet claims centre will support your fleet drivers and take care of any repairs, towing services and claims settlement. The Alphabet breakdown service offers drivers of your company cars daily 24-hour roadside assistance wherever they are, helping them to stay mobile at all times, both in Switzerland and abroad. If a fleet vehicle is temporarily out of use or delivery times need to be bridged, Alphabet will provide a replacement vehicle without delay.

Our experienced staff will be happy to advise you and put together a full-service package tailored to meet the needs of your company. You choose the content and scope of the services you receive, and find the ideal combination for your drivers in order to ensure carefree fleet management. 


Fleet leasing

Alphabet offers you transparent, risk-free and modern solutions for financing your company vehicles. Fleet leasing with Alphabet enables you to enjoy a range of financial benefits, easing the burden on your balance sheet so you can invest the free capital in your core business. Furthermore, your costs remain constant, making them easy to calculate.

There are three attractive leasing models available from Alphabet for your company fleet: an operating lease, a finance lease and the sale and leaseback option. An operating lease from Alphabet has a positive effect on your equity ratio, as all costs are covered in the fixed monthly amount. With this leasing model, Alphabet also takes on the risk of additional costs caused by unforeseen events. Alphabet finance leasing is a cost-effective and carefree way to lease your company fleet for a fixed monthly payment. Alphabet takes on the raising of capital and the credit risk, and acquires passenger vehicles, light-duty vehicles and motorbikes on your behalf. With sale and leaseback, you can sell your existing company vehicles immediately or on a step-by-step basis and switch to an attractive leasing arrangement. A modern fleet enables you not only to increase employee motivation but also save on fuel consumption and improve vehicle safety thanks to technical advances.


Business mobility solutions

Alphabet offers a series of practical mobility solutions that simplify the fleet management process for you:

AlphaGuide, the app from Alphabet, reminds you to depart on time, taking into account schedule conflicts and the latest traffic news. The app also helps you to find service partners, garages, petrol stations and loading stations, and provides you with rapid and direct access to your contract data. Moreover, AlphaGuide can also be used to process claims reports and claims for cash expenses in a straightforward way and at any time. AlphaElectric is a comprehensive solution for sustainable fleet management, and helps you to integrate eMobility in your existing company fleet in a flexible manner. AlphaDrive gives your employees, including those without company car authorisation, the opportunity to privately lease a vehicle from Alphabet at affordable leasing conditions. AlphaCity is a comprehensive car-sharing solution for company cars that is cost-effective and easy to use, and enables your employees to use their company cars for private purposes.



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