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Many roles, one goal

We’re a diverse collection of individuals, each with unique skills and experience, all working towards the same goal. Whether guiding our finances, hiring our future colleagues or expanding our offering to more and more people around the world, we’re all passionate about one thing: advancing the definition of business mobility every day.




At Alphabet Headquarter Controlling, we shape the profitability of Alphabet. We take care of all Controlling related issues for Alphabet International and steer the financial results of the Alphabet markets. We ensure data quality, compliance with Controlling and Reporting Guidelines and we manage all reporting occasions including long term corporate planning and budgets. Our department coordinates and aligns relevant financial topics within the BMW Group. We aim to provide a clear and comparable picture of the profitability of Alphabet International.


We are responsible for the over-all risk-appropriate rating assessment of our clients. We not only consider the financial strength but also contract profitability and the strategic and contractual aspects of the relationship. We work closely with the respective parties at headquarters and our international markets in order to get a full picture of our clients. Our goal is to find ways of assessing and managing credit risks while still pursuing business opportunities.





Human Resources

At Human Resources we take care of our people. Our mission is to support our employees throughout their entire time with us to help them reach their full potential and develop innovative ideas. This starts with attracting and retaining the best talent out there in the market. We create stable and appealing working conditions by offering fair and transparent compensation packages. We promote a healthy work environment where trust and appreciation are valued. A balance is struck because we appreciate the fact that our people have lives outside of work. Opportunities to grow through gaining broad qualifications build an attractive framework for strong collaboration.

International Sales

Alphabet International Sales secures and develops international relationships with large companies. We negotiate agreements for International Customers and Small International Customers on behalf of the Alphabet business units, and together we ensure we meet our profitability and volume targets. We also take care of the country sales steering to make sure that headquarters and markets can react to international trends and developments in the markets. Finally, Alphabet International Sales coordinates all sales related topics regarding our new harmonised Alphabet system, OASIS.


Marketing and Business Development

To a great extent, Alphabet’s strategy for the future lies in the hands of Marketing and Business Development. Here our primary objectives are guiding Alphabet through the entire strategy process and identifying and defining potential areas for growth. With systematic trend scouting and by advancing digitalisation throughout our products and services as well as in our communication, we are shaping the market and positioning Alphabet as an innovative Business Mobility provider. Last but not least, we are responsible for developing and implementing the Alphabet brand.



International Operations

The department International Operations collaborates via communities with the markets to improve Alphabet’s performance and cost base by developing international strategies, sharing best practices and initiating changes in the following areas:
– Sourcing
– Operations Services
– Insurance & Damage Management
– Corporate Mobility Services and
– Used Car Business
the International Sourcing team negotiates framework agreements with international suppliers.

Process Management

The department Process Management is the centre of expertise for analysing, designing and improving processes (Process Management & Quality) and steering changes, demands and projects (Change & Demand Management). Another part of our area – the Information Management team – supports our organisation in developing and optimising our information and reporting needs.

The Information Technology department gives us our competitive advantage with digital solutions, systems and infrastructure. Six units steer and provide all IT services for Alphabet and the central functions. With a customer-oriented and proactive approach, our teams work to form reliable partnerships with our internal and external partners, aiming to optimise our cost structures, digitise our future and make the difference.


Risk Management

Risk management is the lifeblood of Alphabet’s business. The outcomes of our business activities are uncertain, involving some element of risk. Risk management identifies the types of exposure within the company, measuring and steering potential risks. We propose ways to cover, insure or mitigate some of the risks and estimate their impact on the future earnings of the company. These risks include asset, credit, operational and other types of risk. While we can’t remove every risk from the organisation, it is important that we properly understand and manage those that we are willing to accept in the context of the overall Alphabet strategy.

We also take responsibility for Information / Data Privacy Protection and Legal / Compliance. Data and information is the core of Alphabet’s business and we work towards an adequate protection level in order to assure its confidentiality including privacy, integrity and availability. Our goal is to enable all employees to understand their personal responsibilities for a correct and compliant handling of data and information within Alphabet. Our Legal and Compliance function reviews, drafts and negotiates Alphabet’s international commercial contracts and other legal documentation and also coordinates legal and compliance topics with the Alphabet markets and/or other BMW Group functions.