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to the next chapter

Lachende Frau

You have probably noticed the major redesign of our website. It’s been an exhilarating period of creativity and focus, and we hope you are as thrilled with the results as we are. But this is just the start.

Mann mit Klapprad

Continuous improvement

We are driven by a passion for continuous improvement. It’s in our mindset and it's embodied in everything we do, and how we think. This attitude is more relevant than ever before.

Mann mit Smartphone

Better mobility

This is not our final destination. Better mobility is a journey that is informed by the past, shaped by the now, and the future.

In today’s world, changes are happening faster and in a more disruptive way than ever before. But we're ready to support you, whatever lies ahead.

Mann geht zu seinem Fahrzeug

Creative, convenient, and empowering

You are our benchmark. We are constantly thinking about how we can do better!

Discover how we develop new empowering solutions that make your life easier.

Frau lädt E-Fahrzeug

To a better tomorrow

At Alphabet, we want to play a vital role in shaping a sustainable future, so we are taking our commitment to the next level.

Sustainability (Ausgeblendet)
We are promoting sustainability through the extension of our existing eMobility options via AlphaElectric. And with our ‘sustainable consulting’ we provide customers with expertise on topics such as CO2 targets, CO2 neutrality and more.
AlphaGuide (Ausgeblendet)
An example of one of our smart digital solutions is the AlphaGuide app. It is the next intelligent step towards more efficient mobility and combines self-service with connectivity to make mobility as convenient as possible for both mobility managers and drivers.
Hamburg Hafencity

Your mobility. Made easy.

It is our goal to navigate people towards a better mobility. But this just marks our next chapter. The journey continues. And we’ll take it one step at a time as we strive to go above and beyond.