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Alphabet View Reporting Tool

Next step in digitalising the fleet business: Renewed Alphabet View featuring new look, better user experience and new KPIs.

But it is not just a new, lean and modern look – as of now, you have access to new features through a completely rebuilt dashboard which makes managing your fleet even more efficient and convenient. The new frontend provides a seamless user experience showing you relevant fleet data in real-time at a glance. Moreover, the redesign is also based on valuable user feedback. This enabled us to identify new important features and key KPIs. The highlights of the new Alphabet View for quick and easy fleet reportings are:

Improved dashboard interface

With the new Alphabet View dashboard, you navigate smoothly through reportings und features. Build reports faster and access data directly with the improved quick search functionality. The new user interface comes in the reduced and modern design of the new Alphabet CI. To make your experience as user-friendly as possible, we optimised it according to your needs.

Six new Co2 emission KPIs to improve sustainability report

Alphabet View now provides you with six new KPIs looking at the complete energy chain to improve your sustainability reporting capabilities. Throughout all three ranges of the energy chain you have access to the real CO2 emission produced t/year and the average real CO2 emissions g/km.

Fuel fraud detection

The new frontend also gives you a detailed overview on fuel consumption. This new feature helps you to detect suspicious fuel transactions. With the information at hand, you can ensure compliance and usage of your fleet cards.

Mobile ready

View fleet reportings wherever you are and whenever you like. In the new version of Alphabet View, we implemented mobile device capabilities, enabling the application to be used directly on your smartphone or tablet: The frontend flexibly scales to the screen size of your mobile device. The user interface with an especially intuitive navigation provides a seamless user experience, even when changing from desktop to mobile and vice versa.